A Triggering Myth Links

ATM Guest Musicians
Michael Manring
: ATM guest musician, and bassist for McGill/Manring/Stevens.
Scott McGill: McGill/Manring/Stevens guitarist, and ATM guest musician.
Vic Stevens: Drummer for McGill/Manring/Stevens, and ATM guest musician.
Akihisa Tsuboy: Violinist for Japan's progressive fusion outfit, KBB, and ATM guest musician.
Deus Ex Machina: Band of Italian prog greats and ATM guest musicians, Alberto Piras and Alessandro Bonetti.
Ululating Mummies: Band of ATM guest musicians, Steve Williams and Dave Yohe.

Friends of ATM
The Laser's Edge:
Renowned progressive record label under which ATM releases its albums.
Travis Smith: Artist-extraordinaire responsible for 100's of popular album covers, including ATM covers.
Marquee: Japanese music distributor.

Internet Radio Stations
Ytsejam Radio: Progressive rock and metal, only on the Internet.
Seismic Radio: Plays a wide variety of music, including progressive stuff.
Delicious Agony: Progressive rock Internet radio station.
ProgRADIO.net: Another fine rogressive rock Internet radio station.
Progressive Soundscapes: Where artistic expression resonates.
Prog Positivity: Progressive rock Internet-based radio.
Soul Frequency: Webzine, music, radio, reviews, and more
Prog Palace: Another fine progressive rock Internet-based radio station.

Progressive Music Websites of Interest
ProgressiveEars: Great forum to meet and talk with other prog fans and post progressive news.
ProGGnosis: Great progressive and fusion website.
Sea of Tranquility: Prog news, reveiw, and much more.
ProgArchives: One of the Web's ulimate progressive music resources.
ProgressiveWorld.net: Large site of progressive music reviews and news.
Gibraltor Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock: Large site with insight on hundreds upon hundreds of progressive bands from around the world.
Exposé Magazine: Quarterly publication specializing in progressive music.
Hairless Heart Herald: A great progressive site from the UK.
Agartha Prog: An Italian site dedicated to progressive rock.
Progressive Newsletter: Progressive music website available in English and German.
Art Zero: A French progressive music website.
Calyx: Site dedicated to Canterbury music.
Colossus: Finnish Prog Music Association website.
Ghostland: An excellent site dedicated to prog rock. Lots of news n' stuff.
Progression Magazine: A quarterly print journal dedicated to progressive music.
Rock-Classical Connection: Another music website:
Rock Progresivo Hispano: Site dedicated entirely to Hispanic progressive music.
Through Different Eyes: An incredibly in-depth look at tons of prog bands, with lots of news and reviews.
Zoltan's Progressive Rock Webpage: Site dedicated to prog from around the world.
HMP Magazine & Department of Virtuosity: A great Heavy Metal and Prog site in Poland.