The Remedy of Abstraction
The latest masterpiece from A Triggering Myth

In February 2006, A Triggering Myth released their latest album, "The Remedy of Abstraction." This newest masterwork continues the long-standing ATM tradition of working with some of the best musicians the world has to offer. Previous ATM albums have showcased the considerable talents of artists like Alberto Piras and Alessandro Bonetti of Italian progressive band Deus Ex Machina; Scott McGill and Vic Stevens of progressive fusion band McGill/Manring/Stevens; Dave Yohe and Steve Williams of Ululating Mummies; and more. Each of these exceptional musicians have provided ATM with performances rarely heard in today's progressive music genre.

Collaborating with A Triggering Myth on this outing are returning guest musicians, Vic Stevens (drums) and Scott McGill (guitars). They are joined by bassist-extraordinaire and fellow McGill/Manring/Stevens bandmate, Michael Manring. Also lending his extensive talents is renowned violinist Akihisa Tsuboy of Japan's progressive fusion outfit, KBB. As with previous ATM albums, these guests expertly compliment the ever evolving and complex sound of A Triggering Myth. "The Remedy of Abstraction" is truly a rare treat for all progressive music aficionados.

Visit The Remedy Of Abstraction's sampler page to hear specially select excerpts and to order the album.