A Triggering Myth

A Triggering Myth Album Reviews

Audion Magazine - June 1991
Review by Dean Suzuki

Lasers Edge is another new American label specializing in progressive, as well as psychedelic music. All of their releases are CD only and in limited editions. The emphasis is to be on reissues of old rarities, but this, their third release, presents a new group. A Triggering Myth is a keyboard duo augmented by percussion and occasional guitar, all played by Rick Eddy and Tim Drumheller. Their influences range from English and Italian keyboard progressive, to more contemporary electronic music. In the beginning of THE DELICATE BALANCE OF COINCIDENCE one can detect a Keith Emerson influence and sound that recall some of the sonorities from WORKS VOL.I. Later, the music becomes more lyrical, and then breaks into a blistering progressive jam with searing guitar breaks and a rich and rhythmically active keyboard foundation. THE BIOLOGY OF DOUBT is a terrific number which begins in a kind of Post-Zeuhl mode, with off harmonic progressions, irregular meters and rhythms. But as with several other compositions, it moves through various sections, phases, styles, all done effortlessly and seamlessly. THE EYE IN THE LOOKING begins in an exotic Indian cum Terry Riley style recalling SHRI CAMEL though it does not appear to have a micro-tonal synth melody. While A Triggering Myth covers a lot of territory in a relatively short period of time, their works are not simply pastiches or musical mosaics, rather they are coherent and unified, while being stylistically diverse.