Forgiving Eden

A Triggering Myth Album Reviews
Review by Eric Porter

A duo of A Triggering Myth (Tim Drumheller and Rick Eddy) join forces with guitarist Scott McGill (Hand Farm, Finneus Gauge) and drummer Vic Stevens to combine spacey, ambient keyboard excursions intertwined with heavy fusion interludes which compliment each other perfectly.  The heavier sections (such as part 2) are filled with synth solos and McGill’s Holdsworth influenced lead work.

Initially this was a difficult album to appreciate, as I felt there were too many uninteresting moments.  But upon closer inspection, there are many various keyboard textures at work, and a great combination of sounds.  Part three stays relatively mellow featuring a lot of piano and synth, building into a darker feel to part four.  Each of the eight parts segue well into each other while creating a unique atmosphere within them.  Some of the organ playing has an ELP feel to it (Parts 6 & 6), not so much in style but in the sound that is used.  I would have liked to hear more of the aggressive up tempo sections.  A recording that took some time to grow on me, but it was time well spent.