The Sins of
Our Saviours

A Triggering Myth Album Reviews

Progression Magazine - Issue 28, Fall 1998
Review by John Collinge

A Triggering Myth - primarily the American multi-instrumental duo of Rick Eddy and Tim Drumheller - combines avant-garde chamber music, symphonic progressive and jazz for one of the year's most challenging statements. They're assisted here on three tracks by the hair-raising vocal exploits of Deus Ex Machina's Alberto Piras, and by Piras's band-mate Alessandro Bonetti on violin.

This mostly instrumental effort blends soaring, cascading, often dissonant keyboard/piano textures with doses of inspired improvisation and odd angularities. Piras is the perfect foil for this material, showing off his astonishing range in the hymn-like treatment of "Bagliore" and with some ominous operatic wailing on "Stato di Confuzione Avanzata". Piras sings in Italian here, not in his usual Latin. For those who understand Italian, lyrics are printed in the accompanying booklet.

Bonetti appears on one track, the jazzy improv piece "Not a River". Elsewhere, haunting synth and piano interplay distinguish the 11 minute "His Maddening Certainty", while Piras returns to add more pyrotechnic vocal phrasings on the short "When Faith Transcends Reason".

There's a lot of seriously accomplished musicianship afoot on "The Sins of Our Saviours". If you're searching for some truly progressive contemporary music, this is a sure bet.