Between Cages

A Triggering Myth Album Reviews

Progression Magazine, July - September 1995
Review by John Collinge

This is a schizophrenic album, the first half steeped in progressive fusion ala Happy the Man, the rest a tour-de-force of symphonic progressive anchored by the 22- minute title track.

The "Between Cages" suite is worth the price of admission --a complicated yet beautifully flowing work of melodic and rhythmic counterpoint that spins a kaleidoscope of colors and textures. The rest isn't entirely accessible on first listen, but that's good. It grows on you over repeated listens.

Consisting of only two members, multi-instrumentalists Tim Drumheller and Rick Eddy, A Triggering Myth sounds like a jazz-influenced version of The Enid. Like that legendary "serious" British band, their all-instrumental sound is big without sounding cold and electronic, and is quite impressive in its virtuosity, maturity and overall sophistication. Recommended.