Forgiving Eden

A Triggering Myth Album Reviews

Review by M.J. Brady

With 2/3 of the former Hand Farm or more currently known as the MMS (McGill, Manring, Stevens) band in Scott McGill (guitars) and Vic Stevens (drums), Tim Drumheller and Rick Eddy take their dueling keyboards, and fine studio savvy to higher ground with this 2002 release called Forgiving Eden.

On this, the bands fifth CD, the most impressive feature apart from their previous CDs, is in fact the additions of McGill and Stevens.  While they never lacked in the compositional department, nor keyboard skills, the music did lack in personality due in part to the programmed percussion, and with McGill lending his superlative skills on guitar they have found a perfect complimentary “voice” to enhance the band’s sound.

The music is a full on symphonic rock treat for the senses, and the recording quality is stellar.  The CD was written as one long song, divided into several movements, all instrumental, and beautifully arranged as well.  The keyboard talents of these two are right in line with the eclectic styles of the greats such as: Dave Stewart, Kuet Rongey, Eddie Jobson, or Chris Buzby, keeping in mind that the players listed here are anything but conventional, but outstanding.