Twice Bitten

A Triggering Myth Album Reviews

I/E Magazine, Fall 1993
Review by Darren Bergstein

Now here’s a band who emphasizes the “progress” in progressive rock.  A Triggering Myth’s second album is even richer than their already impressive debut.  They’ve largely shed their developmental influences to yield a thrilling and quite remarkable concoction; Twice Bitten shows a band who have refined and honed their chops and display them with remarkable alacrity.  As a duo, multi-instrumentalists Rick Eddy and Tim Drumheller paint a broader symphonic canvas than most ensembles with five members or more.  And putting their music in symphonic terms is one of the best ways to describe them; a number of the quasi-classical motifs that surface in “The English Lesson” and crop up throughout the record as a whole, are woven into the sonic fabric with a high degree of originality, foregoing the usual clichés which dog the genre.  Especially befitting the record’s evolved palette is the twenty-minute epic “Myths”, a grand tour through the mysterious, sundry lands that fairly dances with incessant drums, haunting pianos and synths, and a dark, almost sinister atmosphere.  And as a coda, soak in the cool beauteous strains of “P.S.” with its lilting jazz inferences.  Bravo guys—you’ve got a future!