A Triggering Myth

A Triggering Myth Album Reviews

Harmonie Magazine - April 1991
Reviewed by Didier Gonzalez

Music of the air, music of the wind, music of vast spaces: A TRIGGERING MYTH where American duet Rick Eddy (keyboards, guitars, percussion's) and Tim Drumheller (keyboards, percussion's) lead us on a voyage above the clouds, to the heart of the ethereal elements. The depth, the solemnity, an almost religious dimension, alternate with soft and airy moments, light and fluid (one thinks furtively of CAMELs The Snow Goose. The music of A TRIGGERING MYTH is an adventure, a search, at times an experimentation, a happening. Baroque makes an appearance in Swimming With Sharks of which one of the themes evokes certain passages of Castle of Noi by T. Hirayama.

The dominant tone of the record is derived from jazz, a jazz that is airy, pure and free. This magnificent music, beyond genres and classifications, is a music of beauty, a hymn to liberty and to the harmony of sounds. A different and rare pleasure.