Between Cages

A Triggering Myth Album Reviews

Audion Magazine - Fall 1995, Issue 33
Review by Alan Freeman

Ever developing a new feel of their own, one that blends all manner of classical, ethnic, and fusion elements. A Triggering Myth continue to succeed in combing all into a distinctly European concoction - and, all this from a keyboard and guitar multi-instrumental duo (aided by guests naturally). But, can you imagine a classical rock version of an Area track? Well, you even get that here! Really, in A Triggering Myth's music, even the most distinctive references are quite diverse, the likes of: Banco, Clearlight, SFF, National Health, lots of that fluid French/Dutch instrumental progressive style, and there's references to almost every Italian classical rock band you can think of. All this could have been a problem in that we end up with a plagiaristic blend with no originality, but A Triggering Myth have originality in abundance, and how they sew together and arrange lengthy complex symphonic works, shows great compositional flair too. All this amounts to the finest A Triggering Myth album yet!