Forgiving Eden

A Triggering Myth Album Reviews

All Music Guide, December 1993
Review by Glenn Astarita

Prog-rock Fusion artists, drummer Vic Stevens and guitarist Scott McGill augment the dual keyboard attack of Rick Eddy and Tim Drumheller on this most interesting 2002 effort.  With Pieces such as the opener “You May," the twosome melds lushly melodic acoustic-electric interludes with jazz grooves and ethereal synth treatments.  The band’s suave demeanor carries forth throughout the entire set, amid pieces that spark notions of strangely beautiful dreamscapes.  McGill and Stevens add a jazz-fusion type edge to certain tracks, as Eddy and Drumheller also implement synth horn sequences and minor shifts in strategy.  While they conjure up memories of England’s fabled “Canterbury” progressive rock scene via an abundance of majestically stated choruses and twisting rhythmic endeavors.  Through it all, the musician’s densely orchestrated compositions hit the mark.  As Eddy and Drumheller triumphantly succeed at sustaining the listener’s attention throughout this undeniably attractive and intelligently constructed production.