Forgiving Eden

A Triggering Myth Album Reviews
Review by Mark Fisher

Although A Triggering Myth has a long history (they have been releasing albums since 1990) this is my first exposure to them.  To the uninitiated like me, A Triggering Myth consists of two keyboardists (Rick Eddy and Tim Drumheller). Scott McGill (guitars) and Vic Stevens (drums and percussion) guest on “Forgiving Eden” to round out the sound.  The CD opens with a jazzy acoustic sounding number that is fairly misleading as to what will come after it.  The bulk of this CD is very progressive keyboard music (with light placement of guitar and percussion) that will probably not appeal to those who are not musicians but to those of us who are, your jaw will drop!  Fans of progressive music in the vien of Yes, Rick Wakeman, Attention Deficit, early Genesis and the like will find new heroes to worship in A Triggering Myth.  This CD is an amazing display of passionate, thinking man’s music.  It’s rare that a band can pull off such a moving performance without the use of vocals.  Add to that the fact that the dominant instruments are synthesized sounds and you have a truly amazing band with a truly amazing release.  Fans of progressive rock and metal, jazz fusion, and even 70’s hard rock will all dig this CD.  Any fan of instrumental music should be able to find something to love in “Forgiving Eden” also.  I have to go now.  I have 4 back catalogue A Triggering Myth albums to go buy.!